Monday, February 4, 2019

Resume Example For Business Graduate Students

You may be tired of searching a standard, formal and a one-page resume template for free. 
Its a common problem for every business students to find a formal resume template that we can use everywhere. cause most the template designed by someone who maybe Graphics Designer or Web Designer or Photographer and that templates look so colorful as well the layout didn't match with business backgrounds and one more problem is if you find some classic templates, it may be paid.

That why I create my templates on my own. in this post I shared two different resume template for the fresh graduates who have no experience. one is colorful if you choose and other is classic that you can use everywhere as a freshers graduate. 

Template 01 - Colorful and modern template

Azum CV

Template 02 - fresh white background template 

gausul azum resume
Template 03 - 2-page resume fresh white background template

Source Files-
Here, the different source files with the downloadable links 

Template 01 ( ↓pdf,    ↓docx,    ↓Ai,    ↓jpg    ↓svg )

Template 02 ( ↓pdf,    ↓docx,    ↓Ai,    ↓jpg    ↓svg )

Note: Please don't use my words, use your own words and customize to a better resume.

if you find any problem in my resume & template, please let me know in comment or mail ( I will get a chance to improve ). And if the downloadable link is broken then must notice me in the comment. Thanks

Azum Truly believe in continues improvement and feel comfortable at analytical area and finding an efficient way of solutions. Azum honest, technical, energetic, good at crises that all make him more efficient at finding better solutionsnsequat.


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